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Reignite Your Sales During a Recession with These Website Updates

The current recession has had an impact on all businesses, but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to reinvigorate your online presence and get customers back interested in your services. Whether it's a call to action, PDF tools, video content, or even data analytics, there are some simple website changes you can make to jump-start your sales during these trying times. The Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce can help you do just that. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Learn Why a Call to Action is Important

Having a clear call to action (CTA) is essential when trying to get customers interested in what you’re offering. A CTA should be eye-catching and direct customers to either buy something or sign up for more information about your product/service. Make sure the language you use is concise and direct so that customers know exactly where to go next. It’s also important that the placement of the CTA is obvious so it doesn’t get lost among other content on the page.

Drive Sales with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have become increasingly important, as people are looking for social proof when considering making purchases from new companies or products. Encourage customers who have had positive experiences with your business to leave reviews or ratings of their experience on your website or through social media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram. This will help generate trust in potential customers before they make any purchases from you.

Utilize Video Content

Video content is one of the best ways to engage potential customers online, since it allows them to experience what they might be buying more vividly than text or images alone can provide. Try creating short videos highlighting different aspects of your business, products, or services that may interest potential buyers. You could also consider creating tutorials that can help boost customer engagement and confidence in making purchases from you in the future.

Overhaul the Design

Sometimes a simple design overhaul can do wonders for increasing customer engagement with your website and giving potential buyers peace of mind when navigating around it. Make sure all pages are easy-to-navigate, visually appealing, and contain concise information about what’s being offered without overwhelming viewers with too many details all at once. Additionally, make sure any links provided are working correctly, as broken links could cause people to leave before completing their purchase.

Use PDFs To Protect Your Business And Customers

PDFs are great tools when trying to protect both yourself and consumers from any potentially fraudulent activities while shopping online with you. Consider posting terms and conditions documents in a PDF format that clearly outlines any policies regarding customer data protection. This adds an extra layer of assurance for those who are hesitant about shopping online during these times. You can also consider utilizing a PDF filler to help with filling out and signing forms.

Learn More About Data Analytics                             

If you want more insight into how visitors interact with your site, then consider using data analytics tools like Google Analytics, which can provide detailed reports concerning visitor behaviors such as where they come from (e.g., organic search) and how long they stay on certain pages. Learning more about data analytics will allow you to better understand what strategies work best when marketing via digital channels. Do some research on how different analytics tools work, as they're not all cut out the same.


Though times may be tough right now due to the economic recession we’re currently facing, there are still ways businesses can strengthen sales. By adding simple PDF tools and learning more about your customers through analytics, you can build confidence that your business will withstand any changes in the economy. Just make sure you do ample research before implementing any new tools.

The Greater Plant City Area Chamber of Commerce can help your business with our many resources. Check out what we have to offer today.

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