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Quality Finished Goods Auditor - 35926337

Posted: 05/15/2024

 $16.00/Finished Goods Auditor/6am to 6pm 

 This position is responsible for conducting in-process inspection of the packaging line finished goods and pallets.  This position is cross-trained in key tests and will conduct tests to support in-process Inspectors and Quality Technicians as needed.
 This is a full-time position.
 •Audit Lift Separation process by inspecting separated product moving down the packaging lines.
 •Audit Book breaking process by watching the BBM in use looking at books for tears, scratches, debris and cleanliness of books.
 •Audit Shrink Wrapping process by watching the Kallfas in use, looking for smooth shrink wrap and the presence of holes or tears.
 •Spot check box content at the pallet stacking operation to ensure correct orientation.
 •Audit labeling process by inspecting printed labels against customer requirements for content and format.
 •Audit Pallet Stacking process by inspecting pallets for box order and orientation while on the packaging lines, ensure content of pallets meet the executed client standards and/or the executed working paper and applicable ISO documents.
 •Interact with Packaging team, EOG team Packaging Lead and Management and on quality related issues.
 •Communicates all findings of non-conformance to Lead or Management.
 •Perform Ticket Reconstruction using physical tickets and the reconstruction program to verify printed data integrity at the beginning of each press run.
 •Record keeping and documentation of audit results on an on-going basis.
 •Maintains Pallet information systems database.
 •Maintains documentation to reflect the effectiveness of department activities and prepares/submits various reports to management as required.

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